My Garden

My small suburban garden…

New Fence (Part 2)…


My Plan B fence chap turned up early and got to work immediately on removing the rotten fence panels. Although I’d pointed out during his initial visit that the compost bin that would need moving was actually FULL, I think he under-estimated quite how heavy it’d be. He struggled to shift it…..and then I heard coughing and wheezing. I rushed outside and found out he’d been over-come with dust from old/dry/dead ivy which had been lurking behind the compost bin.

I quickly sorted him out with a glass of water and a sit-down, and he eventually continued with the work.

Not wishing to ‘lose’ a second builder I ensured he had a constant supply of drinks throughout the day and that he had plenty of shade from my tatty old garden brolly, as the weather was close to the hottest March on record!

When he went off for his lunch break I picked up all of the mess so that he had a clean and dust-free yard to work in during the afternoon.

By 4pm the main posts were up and the concrete bases had to be left overnight to set…


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