My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Planning Ahead…

After several dull and damp weeks, the sunshine was a welcome visitor today. I hadn’t ventured out into the garden since I started putting the central heating on, but this afternoon I decided it was about time I popped into my small suburban garden for a quick recce.

The geraniums really have been the star of the show this year and will definitely be making a return appearance next spring. Even though the leaves are looking a bit grotty there’s still a few beautiful pink and white flowers to add a much-needed splash of colour outdoors.

Although it’s been cold we haven’t (yet!) had a bad frost, but I was still surprised at just how many buds have appeared on the buddlia cuttings I plonked unceremoniously into the dirt a few weeks ago. If they all survive the winter I shall, indeed, have an entire forest of them next year…

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