My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Winter Draws On…

An unseasonally sunny day saw me heading off into my small suburban garden to survey the scene after the recent miserable cold, wet weather. Predictably, soggy leaves littered the ground and apart from the few remaining geraniums there was precious little colour about. However, I did spy one small yellow polyanthus poking it’s head out from the shadows which I have to admit did bring a smile to my face.

I set about cutting back the last of the buddlia ready for next spring and swept the yard clear of slimy brown leaf matter. I also had to sweep up the mouldy and disgusting bread which I’d put out for the birds a week ago but clearly they’re not that hungry. They’ve also ignored all of the sunflower seeds in the feeder, so I won’t be bothering to put any more food out for them for a while. I suspect they’re all gorging on the abundance of wild berries I’ve seen hanging off nearby shrubs and bushes.

Despite my best efforts with weed-killer  ivy is making an unwelcome return behind one of the compost bins. Another dose of pesticide may well nip it in the bud but I shan’t hold my breath. This may well be the last of this years gardening chores before the proper winter weather keeps me indoors glued to the radiators until the spring…

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