My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Happy New Year…

Picture 011

After what seems like an eternity of wet weather, the sun has finally made an appearance (long may it last!) Despite several days of sub-zero temperatures in mid-December the geraniums are still defiantly hanging on in there, albeit with a few brown stems. I’ve been very impressed with them throughout 2012 and will definitely be making a big feature of them in my small suburban garden in 2013.

I’m also somewhat amazed and bemused at the amount of buddlia cuttings which are currently in leaf! I have more than enough for my own needs so I will probably be ‘gifting’ some shrubs to friends in the spring.

There’s a few yellow polyanthus in flower but it’s not a great display I have to admit. I’m not entirely sure what’s been eating them but as it’s been damp for so long I have to assume it’s the work of slugs and snails.

My bee house seems to be doing it’s job and has protected the lodgers from the winter weather so far. I’m hoping that in the spring the new bees will emerge fit and healthy. Only time will tell…

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