My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Here Comes Summer…!


British Summer Time officially starts on Sunday 31st March 2013…….today is Saturday 23rd March 2013 and we’re yet again ankle-deep in snow (of course!!)

I bought another fabulous nest box for the birds in the hope of attracting some of the more community-orientated nesters such as sparrows, but at this rate we simply won’t have any because they’ll all fly off to somewhere warmer, like the Arctic.

The water butt is frozen solid (again) and I’m actually getting a bit worried that the ever-expanding ice inside will cause the sides to split, or will break the small plastic tap. I opted against pouring some warm water inside because 1) it may cause more damage and 2) it’ll just freeze again.

Yesterday I could just about see some tiny yellow trumpets on my tête a-tête daffs, however, today they are buried under a mound of white stuff. I guess the primulas are also under there somewhere….


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