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My small suburban garden…

Spring Sprung!…



Hurrah! FINALLY there’s a glimmer of hope that spring has arrived and we can finally look forward to turning the central heating off during the day. In an attempt to prove to myself I didn’t imagine a goldfinch at my seed feeder yesterday afternoon, I popped to tescos and bought one of those half-coconut fat feeders, filled with seeds and wormy treats. I hung it near the now half-empty seed feeder on the magnolia, which has just begun to flower and which looks fabulous.

The three hyacinths in the border are making an attempt to flower, although it’s still too early to say which ones are pink and which ones are blue. The crocuses, sadly, are nothing but leaves. The tiny tete-a-tetes are standing proud and the recent rain has encouraged the primulas to perk up a bit too. These are encouraging signs indeed…


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  1. This is most encouraging. My starlata magnolia is just coming out too, plus one camellia flower!

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