My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

DSCN0002 DSCN0003

…And don’t bother coming back!!

I’m lucky enough to have a partner who’s father has tremendously green fingers and a generous nature, and last weekend I was bestowed the gift of 4 trays of glorious bedding plants. A wonderful array of geraniums, lobelias, petunias and begonias have now been planted into my teracotta pots and borders but at some point they’re going to need some sunshine in order to thrive.

It’s almost the end of May, and a Bank Holiday weekend, and the weather is utterly depressing. My new solar lights need sunshine to charge their batteries, but all week long the sky has remained the colour of dirty dish-water.

Although highly controversial, I’m rather glad I put down slug pellets because judging by the snail carcasses if I hadn’t there really would be nothing left of my new plants. The constant wet conditions has brought the slimy pests out in force.

A few weeks ago I experimented with a new product; Miracle Gro Flower Magic (a plastic container filed with 29 varieties of wild flower seeds, plant food and growing material which you conveniently simply shake all over wherever you wish the plants to grow, and then water). I opted to trial this in long, slim, plastic planters and at the moment there does appear to be some shoots appearing – so fingers crossed! There was more than enough mix in the container to fill all my planters, the window boxes at the front of the house and a patch of soil near my front door, so hopefully something will grow… despite being frozen to death by hail stones and drowned with rain…


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