My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Best In Show…


Back from a 7 day holiday and I have to say my small suburban garden has grown more than I ever expected. The red jasmine is in need of a trim, the lobelias are beginning to flower, a couple of petunias have decided to blossom, but the winner of ‘best in show’ award goes to my Miracle Gro flower magic mix!

There’s several stocks, californain bluebells and alyssum and a lot of foliage which I assume will eventually burst into flower if we ever see some sunshine.

The lack of ladybirds (have yet to see a single one this year) has meant blackfly is rife on my poor cherry tree and I’ve had to remove most of it’s leaves.

The geraniums remain unimpressive (a sign of cold/wet/dull weather) but I’m hopeful that they’ll be glorious late-comers. Time will tell….


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