My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Stormy Weather…


They say that all good things must come to an end, and so it would seem that the recent glorious sunshine has now made way for the inevitable storms. Good news for the water butt, which has remained empty for the past couple of months, but anything with delicate petals, such as Californian poppies and geraniums, have taken a battering.

Temperatures remain in the mid to high twenties, making it incredibly muggy outside. This hasn’t put off the bees who are head over heels in love with my lobelias, especially the dark blue variety. Some of my tardy geraniums are beginning to flower and the petunias are in bloom (although still not looking 100% healthy). I appear to have a rather snazzy red and white striped double petunia in the mix this year, which looks like one of those lovely strawberries & cream sweets (Campinos).

Still not many butterflies about, although I’m hoping that once the buddleia flower they’ll arrive in abundance. We shall see…



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  1. Thanks for naming your stripy flower – I photographed one the other day and didn’t know what to call it – now I know!

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