My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Sunshine and Showers…


These past few days have been very dull and overcast, with the occasional thunder-storm thrown in for good measure! The temperature remains very humid and despite the rain all of my pots and planters need to be watered twice daily to prevent my fabulous wild flowers and geraniums/lobelias from wilting.

The buddleia is finally in bloom although so far I’m unimpressed with the volume and variety of butterflies it’s attracting. I’ve seen several cabbage whites, an elusive peacock and a couple I couldn’t identify as they didn’t stay long enough for me to have a proper look. Fingers crossed that once more flowers come out I shall see lots more. My buddleia does seem to be several weeks behind everyone else’s this summer, for some strange reason.

I’ve spotted my very first ladybird for 2013! These should have come out in abundance in the spring but with the dreadful weather I was almost certain they’d all been killed off. Obviously, I would hope to see hundreds more in the coming days, as black-fly seem to have had a field day on my marigolds and cherry tree leaves in their absence, but we shall see…



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