My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Wot No Snow…!


It’s 20th December and despite the doom and gloom predicted by the forecasters it’s remarkably sunny outdoors today. Of course, it’s far from sun-bathing weather but nonetheless it’s actually jolly nice.

I have a few hardy geraniums still hanging on in there, and the buddleia (as ever) seem to think it’s springtime, along with a few primulas flowers to add colour to an otherwise brown theme. I chopped back the lobelias, chives and wild-flower mix last week and swept up the inevitable leaves, but apart from that I’ve done very little to my Small Suburban Garden in recent weeks.


The bird boxes remain stubbornly empty, but hopefully they’ll be used next year.
The red jasmine has a few remaining glossy black berries for passing birds and the magnolia is sporting it’s furry buds now.


The garden table is now covered over for the winter and the BBQ remains unused in it’s spot by the shed. Oh well, that’s it for another year…



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  1. It may appear to be ‘closing down’, but we all know the year is merely biding its time ready to start again in the spring.

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