My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Wet and Warm…


Well, maybe not warm but I’m reliably informed that it has been mild ‘for the time of year‘, and this does appear to be the case.


After numerous grey days the sun has finally shone, so I popped outside to inspect my small suburban garden. Predictably, there were piles of soggy leaves in the corners to sweep up, and a decidedly un-spring like nip in the air. However, the small shoots of the crocuses have broken through the soil and there are a few ragged but colourful primulas in flower.


Two weeks ago I chopped back the parsley so I could enjoy it in my cheese & onion sandwiches, and regrowth has been swift. The buddleias have optimistic shoots and both the rosemary and thyme have so far managed to survive (famous last words).


The magnolia has its furry little shoots and the bee house seems to be holding up – keeping it’s precious contents safe until spring. Fingers crossed…



  1. I wish the sun would shine on Darlington!
    I saw a blue tit pecking at the tubes in my bee house so I was a bit concerned but when I checked most of the tubes were still sealed so hopefully their contents are safe.

  2. Ohhh…. I’ve never considered birds pecking at my bee ‘hotel’. I’ll keep an eye out just in case!

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