My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Bee Babies…

It seems that the Bank Holiday weekend sunshine has encouraged the last of my baby bees out from their nests, which is a huge relief. I never know for certain how they’ve fared over the winter until I can see the holes appearing in the muddy entrances to the tubes.

Picture 007

I have to say, I have never, ever seen so many flowers on my white jasmine. It’s quite astonishing (and smells divine). The red jasmine is lagging behind somewhat but should be in flower by June (fingers crossed).

Picture 010

The Miracle-Gro wild flower mix that is so impressive in the front garden right now is also lagging behind in the back garden, although I’m extremely pleased to see that most of last years flowers have self-seeded. I’m also thrilled that a few of the 11 begonias I believed had failed to make it through the winter in my shed. There’s shoots appearing for 4 of them, however, only time will tell what the final figure will be…


  1. I need to get a mason bee house, did you make yours or buy it? It’s cool to see a bee actually coming out of the hole!

  2. I made mine 🙂 Take an old tin can, roll strips of newspaper around a pencil, secure with a small piece of selotape, cut to length and fill the can. Tie it somewhere protected and slightly pointing down (so rain doesn’t get in). Hope that helps.

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