My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Summer Sunshine…


After several weeks of warm but wet weather, the past two days have been utterly gorgeous – long may it last! The damp conditions haven’t been good for the marigolds, which now look a little ‘mouldy’, and the lobelias don’t appear to have enjoyed it much either and despite slug pellets the snails have munched their way through about a quarter of them. The ones in planters on the wall seem to have done better than those in the borders.


However, the buddleias are on the verge of blooming which should bring the butterflies into the garden again with any luck. Haven’t actually seen that many so far this year. The geraniums which managed to survive the winter are in flower, and add a splash of red to the garden. The Californian Poppies have been the start this summer, and will provide plenty of seeds to ensure a good display next summer.

The parsley has now gone to seed, the jasmine is no longer flowering and the birds have eaten all of my wild cherries, but the begonias which I was almost sure hadn’t survived the winter are all looking very promising. Predictably, the ornamental poppies didn’t last long.


My bee hotels remain devoid of guests, which is a concern as by now the tubes should be home to baby bees which will hatch out next spring. Hmm….


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