My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Was That It?!…


We’re just a few hours away from September and I have to say I feel rather cheated out of a decent summer this year. Although there’s been several butterflies, numbers are down on previous years, and bees have been almost completely invisible. Apparently snails are thriving – or so it seems by the destruction of the leaves on my cherry tree despite my best efforts at removing the little pests.


You can’t go far wrong with geraniums, and mine are no exception. The begonias have done unexpectedly well too, but other plants have been well below par. The buddleia is a disappointment as is the red jasmine (both should’ve attracted the bees but both lacked significant blooms).


The mint was a good idea as it’s now filled the wall planters after I replaced the lacklustre lobelias. It’s also beginning to flower, which is good. The chives are putting on a great display as always.

There’s rumours of an ‘Indian Summer’ but I won’t be holding my breath…


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