My Garden

My small suburban garden…

Freezing February…


Blimey, it’s cold! My Small Suburban Garden never looks great at this time of year, but this year it seems to be suffering particularly badly. The jasmine remains determined to bud no matter how low the temperatures go but there’s not much else willing to brave the chill.


A few crocuses are beginning to poke through the soil, maybe even some daffodils and hyacinths, and a couple of primulas are out, but so far it’s a pretty poor show. The geraniums are beginning to die off and rot, there’s dead leaves all over the place and even the fairly hardy rosemary isn’t looking very happy.


The buddleia are, as ever, oblivious to the seasons and have new leaves appearing and the mint is seemingly indestructable, but the whole place lacks colour at the moment. Hopefully in a few weeks time we’ll be over the worst of the winter and we can finally look forward to spring.


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