My Garden

My small suburban garden…

That Don’t Impress Me Much…


Well actually, my small suburban garden doesn’t impress me at all this year! I can’t remember the last time I was so underwhelmed with the lack of floral displays and I can’t help but wonder if Mother Nature is to blame for the fact that I’ve only seen a couple of small white butterflies and one solitary peacock on my buddleia so far this so-called ‘summer’. The fact I got excited at seeing a single ladybird on a dead poppy just about sums up my desperation.


I had hoped that by scattering a ton of wildflower mix into my borders that it’d provide a fabulous and colourful haven for wildlife, however, apart from the obligatory Californian Poppies and a couple of ‘love in the mist’ there’s been practically zilch growing there. The only decent colour I’ve got is from a Tom Thumb fuchsia and some begonias that I’d actually thought I’d killed off by leaving them outside all winter.


The parsley is providing me with plenty of leaves for salads, as are the chives, but apart from that I’m extremely miffed at the lack of anything interesting out there. I’m now pinning all my hopes on some late flowering. Fingers crossed…

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